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Price Tag Gun - Arrow

Arrow Price Tag Guns are most popular and efficient Price Tag Gun with lot of different models like Arrow 9L, Arrow 9F, Arrow 9EL etc.

1 Carton Contains 100 pcs of Price Tag Gun

Fitted with standard needle, long needle, extra long needle respectively.

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Price Tag Gun - Tagstar

Tagstar Price Tag Gun are the best Premium quality tag gun in the world. These Price tag guns are free pitch ( can use 50 pc tag pin and 100 pc tag pin ) and made of transparent polycarbonate.

1 carton contains 100 Pcs of Price Tag Gun

Available in Standard and Fine needles, under 3 models - Tagstar SA, Tagstar SB, Tagstar XB.

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Metal Body Spray Gun

The Arrow CM11 and CM11A spray guns are designed inhighly buffed aluminium alloy housing for rugged usage. It is used in the electronic industry for cleaning area of machines, printing industry for cleaning of rollers on 1/2/3/4/5/6 color printing machines etc. It is Used Electronic Industry For Cleaning of PCBS, Manufacturing Industry for Cleaning area of Machines. Wig industry for cleaning of wig base.

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Plastic Body Spray Gun

The Arrow CM16 and Arrow CM16A spray guns are designed in high quality glass filled nylon plastic body, with attractive body color, and being light weighing about 1.2 kgs. The pressure of the spray is adjustable. The construction is light weight but highly resistant to impact and heat, again used in multiple industries such as Electronic industry for cleaning PCBs, Printing industry for cleaning rollers and wig industry for cleaning wig base.

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Tag Pin for Price Tag Gun

Standard Tag Pins are pierced through a 2.2mm dia. Needle of the standard tag Gun, into the fabric,available from 10mm to 250 mm.

Fine tag pins are pierced through 1.29mm dia needle of fine tag gun into the fabric.

Available from 12 to 75mm length.

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Price Tag Gun Needles

Available in full steel and also with plastic shank for Standard, Fine, Long, Extra Long Types.

One box contains 5 Pcs of Price Tag Gun Needles.
One Carton of Price Tag Gun Needle contains 5000 Pcs.

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Loop pin

Tag fastening is done by hand, where there is a provision of Loop.

Plastic Loop pins are available in Nylon and SPP with different sizes and colors.

5000 Pcs of Loop pins packed in one box

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Adhesive Buttons and Hooks

Adhesive Buttons have very strong glue strength making it ideal for displaying hanging products.

100 pcs Packed in 1 Polybag

25 Polybags Packed in 1 Inner Carton

10 Inner Cartons Packed in 1 Outer Carton

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Tag Fastener Roll

Staple Machine Rolls , also known as staple fastener rolls are used through the staple machine in to the fabric

1 Roll Contains 25000 pcs

4 Rolls Packed in Smllar carton

6 Smaller Cartons Packed in 1 Master Carton

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Tag Gun Implement Tool (TGIT-9)

Works with any Type of Tag Gun

Works on Compresed Air(about 4-5 bar pressure required

Saves Labour

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Super Exhaust for Spray Gun

This is a table top station for the textile cleaning spray gun

This not only helps reduce the chemical smell from the garments. but also, it helps avoid the inhaling of poisonous fumes by the operators of the spray guns

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