How to use Arrow9S Tag Gun ?

Tag Attaching with a pricing gun is very easy; but It can damage the Tagging gun and fabric if not done carefully. How to use the Arrow9S pricing gun is as detailed below :-

Step 1.
Use Arrow9S tagging gun only with standard tag pin 50 pc clip.

Step 2.
Load either end of the tag pin connecting bar to the feed slot.

Step 3.
Pierce the tagging gun needle into the hole of the price tag.

Step 4.
Keeping the price tag in same position pierce the tagging gun needle fully into the garment.lso.

Step 5.
Hold the garment in position and press the trigger..

Step 6.
Congratulations! your tag attaching is done now.

Remove Unused Tag Pins from Arrow9S Tagging Gun :-

Press and hold the pin releaser button, and pull out the Tag Pins.


Press and hold the trigger of the Price Gun, and pull out the Tag Pins.

Please note, never try to break the tag pins from the garment by pulling it by hand, instead, use a scissor to cut it and avoid Garment damage. For long life of your tagging gun arrow9s needle, ensure that you always cover the needle of the price gun with the needle cap, when the tagging gun arrow9s is not in use.

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